Oct 29
8:00 AM
Oct 29
6:30 PM
  London, United Kingdom

AIDC Intel® Summit Series 2019

All enterprise developers are invited to join the AIDC Intel® Summit Series 2019: a one-day workshop offering hands-on coding sessions to explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine/Deep Learning. 



Learn about the many open source tools available for AI development on Intel® architecture

  • Understand how to use Intel’s AI portfolio to solve deep learning problems

  • Preparing a dataset for model consumption – Preprocessing and data augmentation techniques

  • Decision metrics for choosing a framework

  • Decision metrics for choosing a network (topology)

  • Training a deep learning model using Tensorflow* with Intel optimizations

  • Deploying on the CPU, Integrated Graphics and Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick

  • Network after the workshop with other developers and innovators in a relaxed setting and explore how AI can redefine your work