Jul  3
9:00 AM
Jul  3
4:45 PM
  Eindhoven, Netherlands

Intel® Smart Video Workshop

We are delighted to present a computer vision workshop by Intel® aimed at engineers, researchers, and software developers who develop computer vision and machine learning applications and want to benefit from transparent hardware acceleration. Join us for a one-day, hands-on workshop where Intel® will take you through a computer vision workflow using the latest Intel® technologies and comprehensive toolkits including support for deep learning algorithms that help accelerate smart video applications.


You will learn how to optimize and improve performance with and without external accelerators and utilize tools to help you identify the best hardware configuration for your needs. This workshop will also outline the various frameworks and topologies supported by Intel® accelerator tools in addition to a brief discussion on how to implement custom layers.


Secure your free spot by registering here: http://bit.ly/Intelsmartvideowshop