Jul 16
6:00 PM
Jul 17
12:00 AM
  Berlin, Germany

50 years of the Internet @hubraum

What if the Internet would not have been created?

Would we be able to share our lives, homes, cars with people around the world?

Would there be a startup ecosystem as it is here today?

Let’s celebrate the occasion of 50 years of internet and pioneers who have changed the world forever!

There will likely never be another event like this that honors the Internet’s creators while contemplating its future. Join us and the MIT Media Lab for a live stream of the Net@50 event (https://xconomy.com/net50/agenda) in Boston! 

This unique gathering of the World Frontiers Forum, in partnership with Xconomy, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first message over the ARPANET. The event will feature keynote talks, chats, and interactive panels that examine the challenges and opportunities facing the Internet’s next 50 years.

Join us to celebrate the invention that created an ecosystem, which we are all part of. Sign up now!


  • 18:00 Opening
  • 19:00 Welcome Speech and Keynote (30min) Prof. Dr. Wulf Bauerfeld: 50 years – a humorous look at the Internet’s past, present and future.
  • 20:00 Start of the live stream 

We will have enough pizza and beer for everyone :)