May 30
4:00 PM
May 30
6:00 PM

ByteDance Open Source Meetup - Cloud Native Open Source Data Warehouse, ByConity

Thursday, May 30th @ 4pm PT

In today's data landscape, achieving optimal performance and scalability is paramount. But with evolving technologies and intricate architectures, developers often encounter hurdles. Introducing ByConity—the game-changing solution redefining cloud-native data warehousing.

Join us for this virtual developer meetup where you'll:

  • Revolutionize Your Data Strategy: Explore how ByConity redefines data warehousing with its innovative architecture and query optimizer, unlocking unparalleled performance and scalability.
  • Gain Insights from Industry Leaders: Discover exclusive insights from ByteDance experts, pioneers in open-source community management, on ByConity's transformative impact.
  • Forge Connections in the Data Community: Network with professionals and industry leaders to explore collaborative opportunities in cloud-native data warehousing.

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