Dec 15
5:30 PM
Dec 15
6:30 PM

[FREE WEBINAR] Women in Tech - Empowering Women in Technology

Join us on December 15th, 2021 to learn about the dynamic journey of women within the world of technology.

In 2020, women made up 19% of the workforce in the IT industry, this is an improvement from the 14-17% over previous years. While the figures are now going in the right direction, we still have some way to go as women are under-represented in STEM careers.

We are honoured to invite you to join our table of guests on December 15th at 17:30 UTC+2, through an interactive live webinar. You’ll have the chance to come listen to women-leaders in the tech-field and connect live. During this roundtable, we'll look at the dynamic journey of women in technology, notably their experiences through innovation, addressing multiple topics such as; the rise of women in the tech field, the methods used to create team dynamics and business-scaling, and the technological and operational enablements that have played a major role in this rise.

They will share their experience:

- Melissa SASSI, Chief Penguin, Entrepreneur & Student Experience at IBM

- Grace METRI, Developer Relations Manager at Nvidia

- Kisha GUPTA, Director - Marketing & Global Head at Infosys

- Lebogang Madise, Azure Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft


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