Mar 29
12:00 AM
Apr 21
12:00 AM

Google Cloud {Code_Love_Hack}

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and coding is too.

Ok, we’re not poets (and we know it), but we really love coding! If you share that passion, please join us for Google Cloud {Code_Love_Hack}, a four-week virtual hackathon that’s sure to make you fall in love with the process all over again. 

We’re looking for devs, designers, and other tech enthusiasts to hack for the love of it and showcase their skills by tackling one of these four challenges: 

    • The Next Level of Love: Build a managed service application that makes creating, sharing, debugging or deploying code easier. 
    • For the Love of Gaming: Devise a game that shows love, gives love, or simply shows your love of gaming. 
    • Spreading the Love: Take on this challenge by creating an application - whether it is a service or a tool - that connects others to their loved ones. 
    • Wild Card: Share an idea that is completely out of the box, but still addresses the theme at hand. 

Cloud Code and Google Kubernetes Engine pros will be providing data, tech, and support throughout the event! 

To help you stay motivated and cross the hackathon finish line, we have $10,000 in prizes available, divided into five equal awards of $2k each.