Apr 27
12:00 AM
Jun  5
12:00 AM

Green SPS Challenge

EUROVIA is Europe’s leading specialist in the mobility service industry with expertise in roads, motorways, railways, airports, tram lines. Among their top priorities is a longstanding commitment to environmental excellence, supporting eco-friendly development, and it is this dedication that has inspired this exciting online challenge: the Green SPS Challenge!
The event is made up of two tracks:
Ideation Track: This track is designed for individuals with great ideas, unique perspectives, and innovative concepts. You have a great idea? Submit it!
Startup Track: This track is for entrepreneurial teams and organizations with formal experience. Your solution, product or service is ready, or almost ready for deployment? Submit your concept here!
Ideation Track: 1st 5000€, 2nd 2500€, 3rd 1500€
Startup Track: 1st Paid Project with Eurovia, 2nd+3rd will pitch at next Leonard (Vinci) startup program batch