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Holcim Accelerator Season 3


By intelligently utilizing each country’s knowledge and resources, how can we enhance carbon efficient construction? 


Holcim Accelerator Season 3 

Care for today to save tomorrow! 


How we will tackle this: 


  • Each country will have a detailed challenge definition with the theme: Carbon Efficient Construction. Then, selected startups and innovative companies in each respective country will have 6-months to develop the solutions that will help their country get closer to a sustainable future.


Participating countries: 


  1. Australia 
  2. Canada 
  3. Colombia
  4. France
  5. Germany 
  6. Mexico 
  7. Switzerland
  8. U.K
  9. U.S.A


Free for startups, no equity taken! 

Not your everyday event, strap yourself in for: 


  • Access to different market conditions and facilities 
  • High level mentoring 
  • Co-creation with top professionals 
  • Opportunity to undertake pilot tests 
  • Forward your innovation 
  • No equity taken


The Holcim Accelerator Season 3 will unfold like this: 

  • 27th of March, 2022: End of applications 
  • 11th-30th of April, 2022: Selected startup announcement 
  • May, 2022: Onboarding for startups, with a dedicated 2-days hybrid event in May (dates to be confirmed shortly) (Sprint) (Holcim Innovation Center, Lyon, France)
  • June, 2022: Beginning of the acceleration program
  • December, 2022: Get ready to present your demos!


How can you join? 


Check out the Accelerators website to register by the 27th of March, 2022.


Let’s get one step closer to sustainability!