Dec  4
12:00 AM
Jan 22
12:00 AM

Huawei European University Challenge - POLAND

The Huawei European University Challenge 2020 Poland is an exciting opportunity for students to collaborate with one of the industry’s top providers of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices in a competitive environment. Working independently, participants will design and implement a similarity identification algorithm. 

To be eligible to take part, students must be enrolled in a Polish university and working towards their Bachelor's, Master's or PhD. International students who are completing an exchange or participating in an Erasmus program in Poland are also welcome to take part. 

Why participate: 

  • Demonstrate your skills
  • Work alongside industry leaders 
  • Win prizes and project development opportunities

Tech Required:

  • Required Programming Languages: C/C++ Required 
  • Operating System: Linux.
  • CentOS Linux release 8.1.1911 is recommended, however other Linux OS will also work.