Nov 26
12:00 PM
Dec  3
12:00 PM
 Stockholm, Sweden

Hackathon 2021 - Sweden University Challenge


Huawei Sweden hackathon is back! Are you ready to challenge your creativity, assess your problem-solving skills, and demonstrate your team working capabilities for the shot at a SEK100,000 prize pool? 


The challenge:

Huawei is inviting innovative computer science students ready to put their skills to the test in their new University Challenge! 

Your mission: design an efficient real-time scheduler for 5G network.
The faster, smarter, and more efficient solutions will advance to the final stage: a 24-hour hackathon in Stockholm! 


Why join?

  • Build your golden team to compete amongst the best students from all over Sweden 
  • Work closely with Huawei’s tech experts
  • Enrich your professional experience in a fun, interactive way 
  • Win from a SEK100,000 prize pool 



  • Register by 24 November, 2021
  • Virtual qualification phase: 25-29 November
  • 24-hour Hackathon: 3-4 December, 2021 


Who can join?

Computer Science students from all over Sweden from BScs to PhDs! 


How can you join?

Check out the hackathon website to register by the 24th of November, 2021.


Bring your A game — good luck! 

Women in Tech Virtual Roundtable: Join us on December 15th, 2021 to learn about the dynamic journey of women within the world of technology.
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