Nov 20
1:00 PM
Nov 20
10:00 PM
 Berlin, Germany

hubraum Tech Days: Demystifying IoT

Join us on the 20th of November to demystify IoT on the hubraum TechDay! During the afternoon, you can get hands-on and experience IoT with our demo kits, and listen to tech talks and keynotes on smart narrowband technology and related industry use cases. In the evening, you can network with people from the community around different presentations and startup pitches.

From 13:00, the TechDay will start with talks on connectivity and the state of IoT as well as eSim integration, followed by a chance to get hands-on experience with our demo kits, and concluding the afternoon with keynotes on different industry use cases.

During the evening Meetup from 18:00, we will have even more keynotes and startup pitches plus, of course, a great chance for networking over food and drinks as usual!
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