Dec  8
6:00 PM
Dec 10
5:30 PM
 Delft, Netherlands


On December 8-10, 2017, join the IKODE Hackathon to create the new wave of learning and development techniques at IKEA. They are calling designers, developers, consumer cognitive psychologists, learning designers, and startuppers to develop next-generation tech solutions using IKEA APIs. Cool fact: Amazon Alexa's will be available onsite as a hacking tool! 

The event will take place at the IKEA Learning Centre in Delft: the place where shopping, learning, testing and supporting all come together. This gives you the unique opportunity to be surrounded by the inner workings of IKEA―offering the utmost inspiration―to help create its new wave of learning and development techniques.

The prize pool is composed of awesome trips, tech gadgets, and hardware: Raspberry Pi's, Amazon Alexa's, an IKEA Sweden tour, and more! 

IKEA clearly knows how to make 48 hours of hacking worth your while! Register today: