Apr 10
1:00 PM
Apr 10
6:00 PM
 Dublin, Ireland

Jobbio's Codefest: Mastercard Edition Challenge

Show off your coding skills and secure your spot to interview with Mastercard Executives!

You will have to decode a cryptographic puzzle on the blockchain for a job opportunity with Mastercard at Jobbio’s CodeFest in Dublin, April 10, 2019. You will be using Mastercard’s API, where you will have to decode the URLs and reconstitute a photo easy peasy right?!

The top three winners will secure an interview with Mastercard to work in their offices in Dublin + Lots of cash prizes! Secure your spot!

If you’re an expert in all thins Java and currently open to new job opportunities, then there’s no reason to pass up this one-day challenge! On top of the career opportunity and big prizes, you’ll receive a pass worth 349 euros to the Dublin Tech Summit for FREE!

Secure your spot by registering here: http://bit.ly/2FzSx5w

Please only register if you're planning on relocating to Dublin or live in Ireland.