Sep 10
7:00 PM
Sep 10
9:00 PM

No Server Data Visualization: Build a Pictorial Stacked Chart Data Project

Show off your handiwork with stunning charts in your next presentation. Instead of another boring pie chart, showcase your data as a wine cup or an apple!


Who Is This Event For?

Interested in building a project to visualize your data into a Pictorial Stacked Chart?

This workshop will guide you through how to skip the bothersome tasks of server setups & constructing databases. Let us go straight into building what we want to actually see on the screen.

Front-end developers who want to spend less time on the back-end infrastructure are welcome to join this workshop!



  • Use Kintone's GUI to create databases (Kintone Apps)
  • Utilize the databases to store & manage data
  • Apply client-side JavaScript to visualize the database data as Pictorial Stacked Charts
  • Use Kintone's REST API initiator to call REST APIs from client-side JavaScript



  • Free Kintone Developer License for your passion projects
  • Functioning Pictorial Stacked Chart generator
  • Experience developing on a low-code platform
  • Avoid CORS errors when calling REST APIs from client-side JavaScript
  • Directions for your future projects