Nov 30
4:33 PM
Feb 18
4:33 PM
 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Siemens MindSphere Future Industry Hack

How can we pave the way for the next level of the digital transformation of manufacturing? It’s time to merge operational technology (OT) with informational technology (IT)! 

The MindSphere Future Industry Hack


Let's make more with less! 

How do you tackle the biggest challenges in manufacturing and machine building: bringing OT and IT closer together?


Use these topics to help you tackle the challenge: 

  1. Security 
  2. Supply chain resilience 
  3. Sustainability 
  4. (Resource) efficiency 
  5. End to end digital twin 
  6. Digital and product experience 
  7. Data monetization 
  8. Adaptability 
  9. Connectivity

Through the power of digitalization and automation, Siemens is ready to change the game and master the challenges of today and tomorrow! 


Hackathon Timeline: 

30th of November, 2021: End of applications. Apply here before this date. Create your Siemens account, then submit your application.

8th of December, 2021: Shortlisted Startups Announcement.

13th-20th of December, 2021: Online Bootcamp. Learn more about the challenge, get access to useful resources, and refine your solution with Siemens experts.

22nd of December, 2021: Bootcamp Online Pitch. Pitch your solution to Siemens jury members and get selected for the Hack in Dubai.

6th-10th of February, 2022: Hack in Dubai. Develop your solution in Dubai at Expo 2020, pitch it to the final jury and live a unique experience in Dubai.


What does this experience have to offer?

  • Get unique networking opportunities and the possibility to secure a partnership with Siemens.
  • Seize this opportunity to confront crucial global challenges and create next-level apps as solutions.
  • Access real-world insights from the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.
  • Win an all-inclusive trip to Expo 2020 Dubai and be right at the heart of innovation.
  • Benefit from high visibility as you present your solution on a Siemens stage at Expo 2020 Dubai.


Who are we looking for? 

This hackathon series is open to startups and innovative companies, with the capacity to develop a new product or repurpose their existing solution to tackle this challenge.


How to join?

  1. Get all the information about the hack on the website
  2. Create an account on Siemens platform
  3. Apply to the challenge by submitting your idea/solution


The MindSphere Future World Series

Siemens, as the largest industrial manufacturer in Europe, is taking urban living to new heights by innovating the future of smart cities. Therefore, they have created the MindSphere Smart City App and collected insights from over 200k data points throughout the whole exhibition site of Expo 2020 Dubai. The goal: make Expo 2020 Dubai the most connected, digitalized, sustainable and secure Expo ever!.

Following this vision, Siemens MindSphere is organizing an exclusive hackathon series to improve and level-up a city’s core elements: Buildings, Energy, Mobility, Industry and Water.

It's time for high-quality products through efficient production!