Nov 27
10:00 AM
Dec 16
5:00 PM


Are you ready to take your innovation game to the next level? Huawei Tech Arena is back, and it's calling all Poland university students and recent graduates!

As a global industry leader in technology, Huawei is excited to collaborate with the brightest minds in the nation!


The Challenge: 

Get ready for a 6-week online showdown where you'll tackle the Multimodal File Search Challenge! Search using text, image, sound, and video to uncover hidden treasures of data! Imagine searching documents not just by name, but by their actual content, graphical elements, or even spoken words in audio or video! 


Why Join? 

  • Put your skills to the ultimate test by competing in this enriching experience 
  • Create groundbreaking solutions and pave the way for generations to come 
  • Get hired by the industry's best with your out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas
  • Collaborate, network, and exchange ideas with industry experts


Prize Pool: 

GOLD: 15000PLN 




Click here to check the other awards [link to landing page] 


When? November 20th - December 16th 

Where? Virtual experience 

Who can join? 

  • an undergraduate, Master's or PhD student (students who graduated up to 2 years ago are also eligible).
  • registered at a higher education institution in Poland.
  • studying engineering, mathematics, computer science or other related fields.


How can you join?

Check out the hackathon website to register by November 20th, 2023. 

Bring your A-game - Good Luck!