Sep 16
10:00 AM
Sep 18
6:00 PM

Worldline e-Payments Challenge

Come and create the data-driven cashless society together with us!

The e-Payments Challenge is Worldline’s online co-creation programme. During this annual collaborative forum, our customers work together with fintech start-ups in an accelerated effort to create solutions for today’s payment challenges and to substantially shorten the innovation-to-market cycle.


The e-Payments Challenge is one of its kind in this industry with 3 differents tracks:

 Real-time cash management for SMBs
 New B2B payments
 AI & fraud management
 Advanced risk scoring
 Financial coach

 Voice commerce
 Bot and sentiments analysis
 1-meter payment in store
 Data analytics in open banking
 Visual code-based payments
 Open-payments
 Flash credit

 e-Identity
 Digital currencies
 IOT payments
 Eco payments
 Biometric payments

Have a challenge to tackle? Want to join the competition? 
Or are you simply curious about this digital co-creation program?