Nov  3
7:00 PM
Nov  5
6:30 PM
 Bucharest, Romania

Worldpay Hackathon

WorldPay Payments and IOT Hackathon in Bucharest, Romania!

IOT hackers! You are invited to build your solution using the newest WorldPay open-source software development kit WorldpayWithin and a Raspberry Pi start-up kit to conceive and prototype an innovative solution that brings together the world of payments with the Internet of Things.

It's time to bring digital payments to the next level! 

Worldpay challenges you to develop the next generation of payments within IoT. Worldpay will provide access to its new open-source software development kit: a software library with multiple language sockets, which enables the making and receiving of payments between smart devices.

Smart Fridges ordering stock themselves, wearable devices paying entrance fees, cars paying their parking automatically - see what happens when your ideas meet the open-source SDK from Worldpay! Build your coolest POC ever using Raspberry Pi, Legos and many other cool surprises - we'll even have a 3D printer on site with a workshop.

Looking for: Developers, UX Designers, Makers, Marketers, other Superpowers!

Languages: Works great on Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, and Go

For more details check out the official site here!