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What Makes Attending a Hackathon Incredibly Beneficial

Jun 7, 2021 by Pierre-Jean (PJ) Quenardel

A team strategizing at Hack the Road Nantes

For a lot of people all over the world, teamwork is far more productive than doing individual work. That's particularly true when looking for new business solutions that involve technology and preventing possible security issues down the line.

A great way for people within a single industry to get together as well as learn from both failures and success is through hackathons. Aside from being able to meet up, professionals get the chance to collaborate, share skills, get problems solved, and create products in a better way.


Why Should I Attend a Hackathon?

If you've been considering attending a hackathon, read on for several reasons why you should.


  • You'll Be Able to Challenge Yourself

There's a very high possibility that you're stuck in your comfort zone. It's easy enough, since you can fall into a routine of doing things you're familiar with to the point of gaining some level of expertise. At a certain stage, challenging yourself may fall to the wayside. When you go to a hackathon, however, there's no way you'll get to stay there. Pushing yourself and moving out of your comfort zone will most certainly be strongly encouraged.

Complete strangers will want to hear you pitch an original idea. You will likely present a dozen or a hundred people with your work. This can be rather intimidating, but it can also be quite thrilling in the long run. People who have issues with impostor syndrome and/or just have issues with shyness can benefit from the practice of getting their ideas out there.


  • You'll Learn Updated, In-Depth Information About Technology

There's always something to learn when it comes to hackathons, both for knowledge and skills. A single hackathon could possibly deliver information and learnings that would normally take months to learn. This is largely because of the approach used which employs learning through doing. Other attendees could also be a great source of information that may not be found in a book or in a class.

Hackathons are the best place to test a certain framework or all-new skill since you'll be constantly motivated and focused. What is quite possibly the best part of hackathons is that even the questions you feel aren't too smart are very much encouraged.


  • You Can Share Your Skills

Collaboration and networking are definitely one of the top benefits when it comes to hackathons. However, it's not purely sunshine and figuratively being one big happy bubble. Competition most certainly exists in the space as well. Attendees of a hackathon are generally challenged to showcase their skills through creating real-world solutions that are quite compelling. Of course, that all happens through making use of the most updated technology and current devices available. If you have particular skills which you don't usually get a chance to show off, this is likely the place.



Hackathons are a great way to go about getting new business solutions with technology and a community of like-minded individuals. It allows people within an industry to share and learn from each other's failures and success. There are multiple benefits to attending this, such as being able to share your skills, learning updated and in-depth information about technology, as well as the ability to challenge yourself.

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