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Since 2010, we’ve helped 200+ companies organize their dev events and digital operations.

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When it comes to your developer marketing efforts, BeMyApp will support you every step of the way. Our capabilities include defining your objectives and KPIs, designing a comprehensive developer program, and executing it globally. We will grow your online presence and expand your community worldwide.

Here is what we can help you with

Analyze your platform/APIs and create cutting-edge content

Promote and train developers on your technology

Cultivate products built with your technology & brand

Case study

HP Sprout Developer Program - Worldwide

In Q3 2014, we were selected by Hewlett Packard to launch and run a 360° developer program raising awareness around the new Sprout by HP all-in-one computer. Client’s goals included receiving feedback, promoting their developer platform, training developers on the Sprout SDK and APIs and generating content.

Key figures
  • 7 events organized
  • 5 developer studies created
  • 350+ developers evangelized on-site

Case study

Intel IoT Developer Program - Worldwide

We have managed multiple Intel IoT developer program initiatives since 2014. Currently, BeMyApp runs all Intel IoT developer events and we are helping the company engage software and hardware developers globally. We have been able to scale the effort and foster the creation of projects leveraging the Intel DevKit.

Key figures
  • 80+ meetups & workshops
  • 40+ hackathons
  • 5000+ developers evangelized on-site

Case study

Tizen Developer Program - Worldwide

Since 2013, we’ve worked with Intel, Samsung and the Linux Foundation on building, evangelizing and training a global Tizen developer community around the open-source OS. The program objectives consisted of raising awareness at scale, evangelizing, and training developers on the technical tools.

Key figures
  • 20+ meetups & devlabs
  • 20+ hackathons
  • 2000+ developers evangelized on-site

Case study

Intel Realsense Developer Program - Worldwide

Since 2014, we’ve managed Intel developer program dedicated to the RealSense technology. Our client’s goals were to engage with developers worldwide, showcase the RealSense 3D Cameras and SDK, and enable the creation of RealSense apps and startups.

Key figures
  • 10+ meetups & workshops
  • 10+ hackathons
  • 1000+ developers evangelized on-site

Case study

Cisco IoT Developer Program - Worldwide

Since 2015, we’ve worked with Cisco to help them scale their global dev programme, which consists of a series of hackathons where developers are invited to create new apps using Cisco’s technologies.

Key figures
  • 7 hackathons
  • 650+ attendees
  • 150 projects developed

Case study

IBM Dev Events & Online Operations - Worldwide

Since 2014, we’ve worked with IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson in order to engage developer communities all around the world with a focus on EMEA. We have set up CoderPower operations and IBM has been a recurrent technological partner on our hackathons organized for large corporations.

Key figures
  • 3 hackathons as technological partners
  • 4 CoderPower operations
  • 3000+ new Bluemix accounts generated

A series of design battles and creative tournaments to evangelize designers on the Adobe Creative Cloud.

A devlab to engage devs with the Amazon Echo, a wireless speaker and voice command device.

A series of hackathons around the world ran as part of the Cisco DevNet developer program.

Key sponsors at some of our events: e-education hackathon and Droidcon Paris.

The recruitment of new leads for their GDGs in the UK and a dedicated hackathon around open data.

A full-fledged developer program for the Sprout by HP platform and SDK.

A series of coding challenges on our platform CoderPower to evangelize and train developers on Bluemix.

Full developer programs dedicated to IoT and Realsense including hackathons, incubators, meetups and digital campaigns.

Numerous hackathons and incubators to generate content on their app stores. Microsoft is also a technology partner at many of our events.

An online competition where participants were invited to port their Android applications to the Nokia Store.

Key sponsor of the Parisian edition of Droidcon, organized by BeMyApp, enabling them to evangelize 500+ developers in only 2 days.

Participated in a hackathon dedicated to beacons where they provided hardware to participants.

White-label and sponsored hackathons, coding challenges and media buying to evangelize devs around the Salesforce1 platform.

We ran a series of global events alongside the Tizen developer program, where Samsung was one of our key clients.

A series of studies and hackathons around their software platform HANA and a 1-day forum to meet startups working with big data.

We provided full documentation of their external API and the development of the java modules and a web service demonstrating all the functionalities.

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