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Step 1

Learning is everything. Organize your own IRL or digital operations to train your IT teams and managers. One unique objective: teach them the startup mindset!

Step 2

Stagnation costs more than failure so let’s get your hands dirty! Organize your own hackathons and incubators and involve your stakeholders as mentors or innovators. Incubate the best projects and integrate them inside your company.

Step 3

Connect with the best projects started at your hackathons and help them in becoming startups. Support their growth, invest in the most promising ones and create your own startup ecosystem.

3 ways to radical innovation

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External hackathons to invent the future of entertainment followed by an internal hackathon to bring the startup mindset inside their company.

A series of external/internal hackathons and incubators on several themes: gamification, youngsters, IoT, mobile apps and IT services.

An internal ideation to encourage Frito-Lay’s teams (division from Pepsico) to come up with new innovative solutions in terms of marketing.

External hackathons and incubators to developer their own IoT startup ecosystem focussing on Home, Mobility, Family, Travel, and Health.

A series of internal and external hackathons as well as incubators around open data.

Internal and external hackathons as well as an incubator around IoT and the Salesforce1 platform.

An external hackday followed by an incubation phase in order to create innovative apps that would work with the different brands of the company.

Internal hackathons for their IT teams or for their non-technical managers as well as external hackathons to deeply digitize their company and the banking sector.

An external hackathon to raise awareness among developers on their Bud Lab and foster the creation of innovative ideas around the Smart Bar theme.

A series of hackathons to engage with developers and see what customer insight or business efficiencies could be derived from Tata’s large database.

Simultaneous hackathons in the US, Europe and APAC where teams from UBS create prototypes using their own APIs.

A hackathon based on the theme “Hack the house” that allowed BSH to spot talent and innovative startups to collaborate with while at the same time aiming to accelerate innovation.

An external/internal hackathon where participants developed projects around the workplace of the future.

External operations aimed at reinventing the future of luxury and optimizing supply chain processes based on Louis Vuitton’s business needs.

An incubation program aimed at transforming business-travel experience using the NDC API.

A 2.5 day internal event at Nestlé’s offices (Barcelona & San Francisco) aiming to develop projects around the theme of “Smart cooking.”

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